Vermont Cheesemakers' Sampler

The annual Vermont Cheesemakers’ Festival at Shelburne Farms, VT, celebrates Vermont’s artisanal cheeses, bringing together cheesemakers and cheese-lovers alike.   We are thrilled to offer the Vermont Cheesemakers’ Sampler – a seasonal selection of Vermont artisanal cheeses mailed to your doorstep.  Many Vermont cheeses cannot be found outside of our state, so we are especially proud to share Vermont's artisanal cheeses with the entire country!

Vermont Cheesemakers' Sampler - Four Cheese, $29.99

Four Vermont artisanal cheeses plus one Lake Champlain Chocolate

Cheese selection varies with availability and seasons  

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Vermont Cheesemakers' Sampler - Two Cheese with Breakfast, $29.99

Two Vermont artisanal cheeses plus one Butternut Mountain Farm pancake mix, maple syrup leaf, and Lake Champlain Chocolate

 Cheese selection varies with availability and seasons  

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A Thoughtful and Unique Gift

The selection of cheese changes with every package – we base our selections on seasons and availability, and include one famous cheddar in each package.  Cheese sizes range from 4oz to 8oz.  Both samplers are $29.99 plus shipping.  We look forward to sharing these one-of-a-kind Vermont specialties with you!


Examples of artisanal cheese selections:

TAYLOR FARM Farmstead Gouda: Taylor Farms uses raw cow’s milk for their cheeses, thus offering a fuller and more flavorful profile then cheeses made with pasteurized milk. Each batch is handmade on their farm in Londonderry, VT, where their cows graze on 180 year old pastures. The farmstead Gouda is their “pure” Gouda with a semi soft creamy texture, delicious with a semi-sweet Riesling or a citrusy Pinot Grigio.

GRAFTON VILLAGE CHEESE COMPANY Classic Reserve: A two year aged cheddar made from raw cow’s milk in Grafton, VT. This is Grafton’s signature cheddar that has earned numerous awards for its mellow tanginess, and creamy texture, a truly unique combination not commonly found in aged cheddar.

PLYMOUTH CHEESE FACTORY Plymouth Original Cheddar: The Plymouth Cheese Factory in Plymouth, Vermont, is one of the oldest cheese operations in the United States – opened in 1890 by John Coolidge, the Father of the 30th President of the United States, Calvin Coolidge. Plymouth’s Original Cheddar is a full bodied mature cheese with extremely well developed flavors – sharp with notes of butter, fruit and nuts. It is for those palates that want a stronger taste experience.